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Founded in 1970, Molino Latina is one of the most active in  Sicilia, in the production and distribution of quality pearled cereals and flours, for bread-making and bakery products


The Molino

Located at the center of Giarratana, in the province of Ragusa, Molino Latina is characterized by strong ties with the territory and its producers, knowledge of raw materials and a great passion for cereals and their transformation, combining the most modern processes, such as cylinder milling, with more traditional ones, such as stone milling. All this is at the basis of the production of a wide range of flours that for years has satisfied the needs of professionals in the sector and not.

la storia

The Ancient Sicilian Grains

Particular attention is paid to the variety of ancient Sicilian grains, such as Russello, Timilia, Margherito, Senatore Cappelli and to their use in the production of wholemeal flour of the new farì line. The analysis carried out on gluten, contained in the whole semolina of ancient Sicilian grains, indicates an index of less than 50%, on a scale of values ranging from 0 to 100. Such a low gluten index ensures greater tolerability and better digestibility. .


Not just Wheat

The knowledge of the raw materials that are processed extends to other cereals, such as Sicilian barley and oats. In fact, Molino Latina also boasts the production of “unconventional” flours, such as barley flour, spelt flour, and oatmeal (local ecotypes), very rich in fibers.

The high concentration of slow digestion carbohydrates in oats makes these flours very healthy and suitable for a healthy and balanced diet. In addition to these, Molino Latina is also one of the few to produce Sicilian soft wheat flour.

The stone milling

This ancient method of milling cereals is so defined because of the type of process of the raw material which takes place through the rubbing of two overlapping stone millstones. The low speed of rotation of the millstones allows to keep the temperature low during milling and therefore to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the grain. The stone mill also allows the wheat germ and essential oils to blend, giving the flour its characteristic ivory white color with dark speckles.


Organic products

Molino Latina’s goal is to produce and distribute healthier foods with “unaltered” nutritional contents and therefore not modified by interventions with unnatural substances. For this reason, all the raw materials at the base of Latina products (from flour to pearl cereals), are carefully chosen and selected exclusively from certified Sicilian organic farming, therefore grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals.

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