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Passion for cereals
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Over 40 years of experience
The knowledge of raw materials and the love for the milling are the ingredients of our flours
The company
Founded in 1970 in Giarratana, a small village in the South-Eastern Sicily, in the province of Ragusa, Molino Latina produces a wide variety of flours derived from both the modern cylinder milling and the traditional stone-milling method.
The raw materials
The strong bond with, on the one hand, the territory and its farmers and, on the other, the deep knowledge of the raw materials allows Molino Latina to select and transform only the best durum wheats, ancient Sicilian wheats and other minor cereals, in order to obtain only high-quality flours.
The products
Molino Latina produces and packages versatile and high-quality products, with different types of weight. In this way, they are not only used by professionals and bakery or confectionery experts, but also by people who enjoys kneading flour in his own kitchen.
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The quality, even at home
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Stone-ground flour
Whole wheat flour, which is milled through the traditional stone-milling method and keeps the grain of wheat’s germ intact. So doing, the result is a “crude-looking”, nutrient and rich of antioxidants flour.
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Durum wheat or durum Sicilian wheat semolina, produced through the modern cylinder milling method. It is derived from the grain of wheat’s heart, getting a golden and soft aspect.
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Ready to cook
"Pearled" cereals from certified organic crops, fully processed and packaged in Sicily ready and easy to cook. Try our delicious, nutritious and tasty soups.
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