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Ready to cook
Made by selecting the best Certified Organic Crops certified in Sicily, the Molino Latina soups are produced through the process of "pearls" which serves to eliminate bran and germ from every single grain. In this way, the cereals are ready to be cooked, to make a daily and a delicious and nutritious dish easily.
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100% sicilian flour
Farì was born from the strong link between Molino Latina and the area and its growers. Available in "Le macinate a pietra" and "Le semole rimacinate", made is entirely made and packaged in Sicily, only with the best hard grains, Sicilian ancient grains and other small cereals, obtained from certified organic crops, on Sicilian territory.
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For industry experts
A range of flour designed exclusively for professional use, blended with the best hard grains available today in the market and obtained thanks to scrupulous processing tests, made in continuous collaboration with the best professionals in the industry, such as food technologists, chefs, bakers, Pizzas and pastries.
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Grain and small cereals at the base of our products are cultivated in Sicily and come exclusively from certified organic farming.
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